Blogging Challenge – Lots of dogs

Goldy was sniffing the the path until I came walking down but Scruffy came right in my way. Goldy is a golden retriever. Scruffy on the other hand is an silver retriever. Fixer was playing with shiner. Foxer is a girl husky and shiner is a howler. Mike was chasing a white cat and Cassy was chasing her tail. Mike is a boxer and Cassy is a staffy. Goldy has silk gold fur and scruffy has messy silver furr (usually coverd in mud). Foxer has Orange fur with a silver tip. On her tail and silver paws. Shiner is black with a silver belly and silver paws. Mike is brown with two orange paws and an orange tip on his tail. Cassy is a tiny black puppy with fluffy ears. My shoes are purple and blue but they are a bit different from each other.

Blogging Challenge – Mr and Mrs Timbers feet temperature problem 😱👣😱

One morning Mr and Mrs Timber woke up and plodded on to the soft luxurious carpet. They moaned and mumbled under their breath as they strutted to the living room to let their little puppy Celeste have her breakfast. Mr Timber put his favoraite blue fluffy slippers on and strolled to the kitchen to make pancakes and chocolate spread which is Mrs Timbers favourite. Celeste liked eating leftover roasts. As Mrs Timber paced to the kitchen here feet turned as cold and as blue as her blue painted toenails. Celeste would not dare move her tail of the cold ground. Mrs Timber stood on Mr Timbers toes and put his slippers on her feet. Her feet were now really warm although Mr Timbers toes were cold, he only cared about his sore toe. In the afternoon the Timber family sat on a couch drinking tea whilst watching movies there feet were really warm…

Neeve Brown Marsden

Blogging Challenge – Our new house!

Tomorrow I’m moving house and I’m going to live at the seaside. It’s very hot, warm and sunny. I’m taking my cute fluffy puppy cuddles. She is the sweetest dog ever! She has a blue, shiny diamond collar with love hearts pink name tag. The next morning I finally woke up and cuddles (my dog) was panting and barking ready to go. Finally I packed up all of my stuff and I was already there. Suddenly, I remembered that I needed some sandals/flip flops. So I went round all of the shops and I bought some yellow flowered sandals with pink shiny ribbons round them. My dog cuddles loves to play with balls so I bought her a red bouncy ball to play with on the sand.

I got on the beach and placed my deckchair there and it was only in front of our new house. I was holding cuddles by her pink ribboned lead so she wouldn’t run into the water, with shiny orange fish in deep blue water. The sand was as soft as snow and my cute dog cuddles was rolling in the sand. Tulips were shining in the sun and I relaxed with my pink and purple sandals on and I was very very happy!

By Leyla

Blogging Challenge – Describing our feet!

The shoes are purple and pink sandles with flowers on the straps. It is a picnic and I’m lying down sunbaving in the hot sunshine. The grass is so pointy and soft to lie on for the summer. The towel is pink and white. It smells like fresh air because of the breeze. The colour of the feet is peachy coloured grass. The shoes are beaturful because they have roses on them.

Blogging Challenge – 👞👟👞👟Describing shoes 👞👟👞👟

One Sunday I was playing in my back yard with my dog Jess, then I decided to take Jess for a nice long walk. I also tuck her nerf toy with me I found it and then she prang it back. She is such a good girl, well most of the time because most of the time she usually bites things to death. I walked home then I had my tea and I went to bed.

Blogging Challenge – Shoes shoes on your page

My feet got colder and colder, I couldn’t breath. However, I saw loads of beautiful fish below me. I saw the seeweed slithering up like a snake. The water was shinning and glimmering in the sunlight. It was an amazing trip I wish you were there. I swam down and I felt a really hard rock, I opened my eyes. It was a turtle’s shell. I felt my hands starting to freeze. However, that didn’t stop me from exploring the sea.  Five minutes later, I headed off further in the sea and I saw loads more beautiful underwater creatures. Three hours later, it was time to go back home so I got in my car…


Thank you for listening 👞👞👞👞👞


by Sam